ZineCamp Workshop by Chetana Pai

7 NOV 11:00 AM| How to make people want to make by Chetana Pai

When thinking of tooling the first thing that comes to mind is what tools do I need to make. However, another interesting thought would be what tools can I use to make other people make or want to make? This workshop will focus on workshop design and will give you an opportunity to try and develop tools and exercises to help people reflect and want to make with their hands.

Over the last year, Chetana has held a monthly zine club and zine workshops in all kinds of spaces from corporate conferences to student associations. Through these, she got to experiment with various tools for inspiration – from movement exercises to research-based talks. In this session, she will tell you a bit about what she has seen works and what doesn’t, introduce you to some theory on session design, and help you get started on your own workshop ideas that you will also get a chance to try out on the other participants. Come by for an open session of testing, experimenting, and making.

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Location: WORM Central Station