Zine Camp Workshop: The Toner Extravaganza | 6 NOV

6 nov| 11:00 AM: The Toner Extravaganza by Jacopo Lega

How to create a publication without anything if not what’s around you and the copy machine? How to translate the spontaneous arrangement of things in the physical realm into printed matter, riding the hidden potentialities and limits of the machine? The workshop explores the different means of the scanning and printing process, using them as a set of possibilities to include movements, gestures, and other matteric sources into the building-up of a small publication. As the Extravaganza is considered “the whimsical treatment of a poetical subject”, The Toner extravaganza will help you out to undress from pre-structured approaches for content-seeking and graphic layout, while letting you play around your surroundings to resonate any-kind-of-encountered subject.

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Location: SLASH Gallery