Zine Camp Workshop by Vo Ezn| 6 NOV

11:00 AM | Part 1: (N)P~(A)WP > Non-Permanent ~-Autonomous Words Processor

Part1: self-host ][ Etherpad ][ lever burns ] _ Workshop on-for self-hosting an Etherpad instance.


I’d [curb>] would like/love [either way]to inviiiite you to an Etherpad [self-]hosting tutorial workshop.
We’ll meet irl ++ Lever Burns interface which is –no-camera–no-audio—————-we-txt-terminal
//// ~ 2hrs//// / ___ — November [6] //.

We will self-host an Etherpad instance on Raspberry Pi’s. Here’s mine on my Raspberry Pi webserver ::::::::::::: http://eth.leverburns.blue/ and you will have your own. Please feel free to ask/suggest/interact////////////// All best, vo ezn Lever burns.

Bring a laptop!
You will get instruction on e-mail before the workshop!

Book a free ticket Here: