Zine Camp Workshop: by Júlia C Aguiar | 6 NOV

6 NOV | 1:30 PM: Glyph Assembling Workshop by Júlia C Aguiar

Glyph Drawing Club  is an open-source text-art editor tool created by designer and programmer Heikki Lotvonen. The editor provides you with a set of geometric building blocks that can be assembled into illustrations, type design, and more. This versatile tool includes an adjustable grid, editable colors, working layers, standard custom modules and recognizes any set of typographic symbols (glyphs) as modular drawing tiles.

The Glyph Assembling Workshop will be an intimate hands-on workshop. Through a series of intuitive exercises the attendees will explore the tool and learn:
— how to use GDC to make intricate illustrations & type design
— tips and tricks for a more intuitive workflow
— how to think modularly
— how to apply the learned techniques to your own work

During the workshop, we will also create a collaborative zine with the works produced in the workshop. The workshop is being hosted by Júlia Aguiar. She is a designer and the most avid user of GDC since its inception. Her creative process has been transformed into a delightful playground through the exploration of GDC and she is now rooted in exploring the limits of this tool. Bring a laptop!

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Location: SLASH Gallery