Meet Théotime

Hi all,

I’m Théotime Pelsy, you might have seen me around film festivals like Roffa Mon Amour and IFFR or I might have poured you a beer at Kaapse Maria. I love films, new adventures, and making friends along the way. I am taking over WORM Pirate Bay’s social media starting today. I will keep you posted about all the groundbreaking workshops, screenings, and events that we are preparing with love and care. I will also make sure that all our friends and collaborators look BOMB on Instagram, and I will have my own radio show about the beauty and necessity of emptiness, intervals, and transitions. Heartfelt thank you to the Pirate Bay team for their trust!

You can contact me at my email address and feel free to reach out or follow my adventures and other projects on Instagram at @thtim_pls and @iffryoungselectors.

Xoxo Théotime

Picture by Florine van Rees