News: 23-1-2017 Mark Fisher RIP – WORM Remembers

British writer and cultural theorist Mark Fisher died on 13 January. He was well-known for his blogging as k-punk (2003-2015), but also for his writing on radical politics, music, and popular culture. He visited us in 2011 to talk about Capitalist Realism.

“Capitalist realism as I understand it […] is like a pervasive atmosphere, conditioning not only the production of culture but also the regulation of work and education, and acting as a kind of invisible barrier constraining thought and action”, he said. Sadly enough, it seems that this constraint got the better of him in the end, inclined as he was to depression… we’ll have to deal with the world as it is right now without him.

RIP Mark, WORM won’t forget you 🙁