The Performance Bar @ Hull

The Performance Bar reconfigured itself on the ground floor of the Humber Street Gallery and hosted a remarkable series of collaborations with local performers. Below is the original promotional copy for the weekend.

“The Performance Bar Plugs You In!

We will plug you in to Rotterdam! WORM’s infamous 360 degree” stage/bar brings a colourful cast of actors, performance artists and young talent, who, collectively, showcase the bustling, theatrical nightlife of the Port City. Expect Love Imams, Gabbers, Working Class Cabaret and lashings of tainted love…

The Performance Bar is also very proud to announce a veritable cornucopia of Hull-based performance artists who will showcase their work during the residency. Names are: William Vinegrad; Kenneth Jilles; Glen Davidson; YOL; GRACE GRACE GRACE; The Animal Sister; Graham Beck; Counting to Zero; Sue Holston and MAMBO JAMBO.

– William Vinegrad’s work “is about appreciating the natural world, raising it higher than the sky for admiration.” William Vinegrad is part of Ground.
– Kenneth Jilles will perform a creation based around the work of Olivier De Sagazan.
– Glenn Davidson and Sue Caulfield will perform a contemporary piece; ‘The Big Boss Travelling Freak Show’ that includes use of cages, cling film, rope and a surrealist soundtrack.
– YOL is a Hull-based performer who works with mouth noise and other found objects.
– GRACE GRACE GRACE “Punk and FLUXUS, we lived it darling!” Grace is a collective of women who identify as older. They perform gender, ageing and much more.
– Sally – The Dyr Sister makes lots of noise with a variety of instruments and a loop pedal.
– Graham Beck is described as a ‘mature punk doing something entertaining’. Beck has a large repertoire of original songs
– Counting to Zero is a sonic artist performing live punk dance music based on synthesisers played on Nintendo DS and battery powered samplers.
– Sue Holston “A pair of senile delinquents who operate through the realm of rhyming and rhythmic poetry.”
– Mambo Jambo are ​musical explorers and multi-instrumentalists, might just be the biggest acoustic duo you’ll ever

So: find yourself amongst poets, dancers, provocateurs, actors, outcasts, singers, performers, DJ’s and all kind of other artistic creatures. Come one, come all: from your scally poet pals, to the members of your mum’s church choir. And remember, no event lasts longer than the time taken to drink your pint.”